3 weekends Gestalt Seminar, Jan to May 2018

cropped-20150630_115512_resized.jpgHegnegården on Orø, Denmark. This is where the seminar takes place.

Authenticity and Passion in Life

A Gestalt Pretraining Seminar on Orø, Denmark, January 12th to 14th 2018, March 2nd to 4th and May 4th to 6th 2018
– Increase your life energy and ability to “go for it”!
– Improve your skills having contact, being present, and experiencing boundaries
– Become aware of your stress issues. Take back your power and live freely.
These issues and many more you will experience in the 3 weekend intensive and integrating seminar. You will experience new awareness and insigth, that will open your attitude to life and living. You will train your listening skills and empathy and also your power to stand up for yourself.

Teaching and variation
The teaching on the seminar is full of variation: Thematic teaching, experientel exercisis, deepened dialogues,integration od body, feelings and mind, and personal reflection in smaller groups. The leaders are experienced Gestalt Psychotherapists and trainers connected to the GIS-International Training Program.

Beautiful and inspiring
The beautiful surroundings of Hegnegården on the Orø Island just an hour from Copenhagen, gives you the perfect setting for a life-changing stay and an experience of inner peace.

Get your qualifications
As a benefit this seminar also qualifies you, if you want to participate in the 4-year Gestalt Therapist education.

Where: Orø, Denmark
When: January 12th to 14th 2018, March 2nd to 4th and May 4th to 6th 2018
– Company: 17.920 DKK (Seminar Fee 13.600 DKK, Accommodation 4.320 DKK)
– Private: 11.520 DKK (Seminar Fee 7.200 DKK, Accommodation; 4.320 DKK)
– Students: 9.920 DKK (Seminar Fee 5.600 DKK, Accommodation; 4.320 DKK)

Seminar leaders: John Ewans Porting, Kia Karrebæk, Arne Møller
Contact us for further information or for registration.

Download PDF-file: 3 weekend Gestalt Seminar – Pretraining