Training fee, 4-year Training Program

Nordic Students: The training fee per year is DKK 52.600 (7.080,- EUR).
Private persons are the possibility to apply for a scholarship from GIS-INTERNATIONAL and the training fee for private persons can therefore be reduced to  DKK 32.600 per year (4.390.- EUR). The fee is the same for all 4 years.

Baltic Students: Can get a reduced price. Please contact the GIS office for further information.

Other expenses
Please add expenses for examination fee (varies each year), books, individual therapy, developmental dialogues, travel costs and accommodation.

When entering the training program you sign a contract for one year at a time and this also commits you to pay one year at a time.
When you register you pay DKK 5.000 (672,- EUR). It covers a deposit DKK 2.500 (336 EUR), a personality test & interview and registration DKK 2.500 (336,- EUR). If you are not accepted to the training your deposit will be refunded. When accepted your deposit will be deducted in the remaining payment.

Training start
The training starts in September each year.

5 intensive training seminars per year a total of 26 days. (760,- DKK pr. day, 103 EUR pr. day). Accommodation invoices are sent out separately.

Please call the office for further information about prices.
The information can be subject to adjustments.