When you want to join the programme
Our 2 and 4-year programmes assume that you already have the basic professional education, knowledge and practice that is relevant. The requirements for admission are part of the basis for our certification.

Clinical Gestalt Psychotherapist programme
To be admitted to the programme, you must have a medium or long higher education such as psychologist, doctor, psychiatrist, physical therapist, special education teacher, social worker or psychotherapist. You must have both a theoretical and sufficient clinical experience. See the below mentioned criteria for further possibility for qualifying.

Organisation Consultant and Coach programme
To be admitted to the programme you must haverelevant experience professionally within organizations.. You may have experience in management – as a consultant, HR professional or the like. A qualification within the creative arts as an actor, director, journalist or media studies profession is often qualifying.

The two-year programme
Here are some of the requirements we place on the 4-year programmes. Contact us for more information.

You are over 26.

120 hours of therapy                                                                                                   You have completed at least 120 hours of psychotherapy, Gestalt-based or other, in groups or individually.

Group therapy                                                                                                                You have some experience working in therapeutic groups either introduction weekends at GIS-international, personal development courses or other groups approved by GIS. Contact GIS to make sure your experience is the standard of the requirements.

If you want to qualify as a Clinical Gestalt Psychotherapist, you must have knowledge of theory in developmental psychology, clinical psychology and psychopathology. It is possible to join relevant courses during the first part of the program to qualify.

Interview and test
You attend an interview with one of our or leaders and you complete a personality test. Interviews and tests, and test feedback form the foundation on which an agreement on the focus of your personal and knowledge development is reached.

This is what to do

  1. Fill out our application form – there is a link to it here on the page. Send it together with a photo and your CV.
  2. One of our senior advisors will contact you by telephone to start the proces with interview and test.
  3. You will be sent the personality test, which takes 1 hour to complete and you return the test to us.
  4. You will have a proposal sent for an interview and test feedback together with an invoice for the deposit. If you cannot be admitted, you get back your deposit.
  5. You will speak with one of our local senior leaders, who will give you feedback on your test and together you will assess the possibilities of any exemption from some of the admission requirements.
  6. GIS confirms that you are admitted to the programme.
  7. You get an invoice for the remaining payment for the academic year and a contract where you can apply for scholarship if you pay as a private person.
  8. Bothe you and GIS sign the contract
  9. Now you are a student at GIS and can look forward to 2 or 4 years of exciting education.

Download application form : Application form

Download detailled Training Description Nov 2018-19

Send your application to:
Gestalt Institute of Scandinavia
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DK-4300 Holbæk

Or by e-mail:

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us on tel: +45 59 47 00 17 or by e-mail.