About Personal Development seminars

Do you want to be more present in your own life?
The reason for you to enter a seminar on Personal Development is you wanting something more in your life. You will get an insight of the Gestalt Methodology, which is the existential and emotional school of psychotherapy. So, in other words: An intensive week of learning and growing.

During this seminar, we use techniques, which support you to realize new sides of your personality. You will discover how other people really experience you, and with growing awareness you choose how to be more alive in your life. You will be able to feel your wellbeing in allowing yourself to be more present in the Now. And you will discover, how you put up filters between what you really want and what you allow yourself to do. You will discover your inner patterns and find ways to challenge them.

Maybe for the first time you have the keys to change in your hand and will realize, how you yourself can create change and development. This you won’t forget. The course is an eyeopener both emotionally and intellectually. We see this as a process of awareness that make you conscious of your self-worth, your personal platform, and your spontaneous life passion – and at the same time this process gives you a frame of understanding of life and relationships.

Both theory and praxis
Gestalt Methodology has its roots in solid theory and praxis. We see praxis as a way to understand and integrate theory. First you experience and feel, then you through awareness put words to your awareness. The week is a process in which you experience and learn to stay in the Now together with other people.

During the seminar, the group process alternates between group-work in big and small groups and between individual work, where you and the therapist work together. You will deeply integrate what you have experienced and felt. You will get familiar with the terminology and reference of understanding – the Gestalt Methodology – as it is practiced by Gestalt Practitioners and Therapists all over the world.

The certified Training program
Because the course includes both practical therapeutic work, reflection and learning, it also counts as qualification to the European Certified GIS-International Training program to becoming a Gestalt Psychotherapist.