4-year programmes

What are you most passionate about?
What are you most passionate about: Working intensively and closely person to person, a couple or a family, or is it within an organisation you really want to make a difference? You choose your branch of study after the first two academic years. Then you also know where your strength and motivation is leading you: Are you a Psychotherapist or are you a Consultant and Coach?
But whatever you choose, you get a qualification for life. Your own life and the lives of your future clients. When you enter the world of Gestalt methodology, you open yourself and your contact with others.

Our two 4-year programmes

In 4 years, you qualify either to become a Gestalt Psychotherapist or an Organisation Consultant and Coach. GIS Training programme is certified in Denmark and in other European countries. You learn and develop yourself through a combination of intensive seminars and work in your study group. There are exams every year, and you finish with a written main assignment.

Certified and a high number of hours
You get more hours of tuition with GIS than the certification requires. The Danish norm is 800 hours of tuition, whereas the European requirement is 1600 hours. At GIS, you get a total of more than 2000 hours of tuition over the 4 years of training.

About language
Tuition and work in class is in English. Studygroups use their local language.