Gestalt Psychotherapist

Your personal journey

Our 4-year programme as a Gestalt Psychotherapist is a very thourough personal journey. You encounter modern and well-founded theories that always are mirrored in actual practice. Never theory without practice. And you bring yourself into play in your practice. It’s in your meeting with the client that you together can open and change.
How it happens and why – is something you will master when you become a Gestalt Psychotherapist. So you can both help the client and discover yourself personally and professionally.
Therefore, working to become a good Gestalt Psychotherapist is very much to work on yourself, to prcactise and study the relevant theory. You are in safe and competent hands in all situations in the programme. You are in close contact with both teachers and fellow students during the four years of the programme.

A programme in two parts
The programme is in two parts. The first part lasts two years and is common to the two 4-year programmes. After that, you choose your line of study. Either as Clinical Gestalt Psychotherapist or an Organisation Consultant and Coach. Both lines take two years. So your education is a total of four years. In the Training Curriculum (link below text), you can see what you will have to work with. If you choose to finish after the first two years, you qualify as a Gestalt Practitioner.

An education you can use
You will get lots of practical training on the programme, because as a student you will work in a real therapeutic process. Of course with a senior teacher as a supervisor. Therefore, you build your programme up with the aim of working as a Psychotherapist. And you can do this in a way where you are at ease with yourself and in close contact with your clients without your boundaries being infringed upon.

Requirements in order for you to be admitted
We expect that you already have some therapeutic practice. Many pedagogues and therapists have this. Otherwise, you must attend one of our 120-hour basic courses. Contact us and together we can assess whether your experience is sufficient to get directly into the programme.

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