GIS Network

The GIS-network is for Post Graduates.

We come together twice every year at Hegnegården, always in week 10 and 35.
Next meeting: Was suppose to be August 30st 2019, but we have canceled this one because of two other Post Graduate seminars in the fall. 

One is “Supervision for Gestalt Psychotherapists” with Margherita Spagnuolo from Istituto di Gestalt HCC Italy first weekend in October.

The other is “Bio-energetics for Gestalt Psychotherapists” with Ulla Koch from Denmark

See invitations in the link below:

Post Graduate seminars

On Facebook you can find a discussion-group for the Post Graduates. Please join the group!
Link to the GIS Post Graduate Network on Facebook

We intend to run seminars focused on the subjects the Post Graduate network define.

Join us!