August 2nd to August 7th 2020, Couple Seminar

2_6ngZKktGeTWzaWfmkvg8q3Yfj83IFJEiPvBfG6onI,RJVLoyuguqzFhHOsBfLHqrrPNqKRo84guHc1n8oXlooCouple Seminar at Hegnegaarden on the Orø Island, Denmark.
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“We participated in the couple seminar after 2 years relationship to prevent making the same mistakes as we did in first marriage. We got a common language to talk about difficult feelings and a focus on what each of us carried into our relationship that could cause conflicts between us, if we did not have the tools of awareness to deal with it in a constructive manner. Great seminar that gave us something important and valuable!”
Jakob Andersen


“The couple seminar was a fantastic experience for my husband and me. It helped us through a relationship crisis, and really enhanced our communication and strengthened our emotional bond. One theme, was daring to disagree and express it, without the fear of loosing each other. I highly recommend it.”
Helle Bobjerg.

When and where

From 2nd to 7th of August 2020 at Hegnegaarden, Orø in Denmark. Start first day 15.00. End last day 14.00.

The leaders of the seminar:
John Ewans Porting, and supervised senior practitioners from last part of the GIS-International Training Program.

Prices and sign up
Company Price: 19.200 DKK pr couple + accommodations 7.200, total 26.400 DKK pr couple.
Private price: 11.200 DKK pr couple + accommodations 7.200, total 18.400 DKK pr couple.
For Estonian couples 30 % off.
And student Price for GIS International students.