2-year programmes

Get yourself a good education
With our 2-year programmes you are trained to the same high level as you are in the certified 4-year programmes.
Experience has shown that many need a thorough basic training in Gestalt methodology in order to work better in their current profession. As a teacher, doctor, therapist, pedagogue or in business management.
Here, the 2-year Gestalt Practitioner programme is very suitable.
Targeted programme for people of the stage: The 2-year Training Programme in Expressiveness and Leadership for Actors and Instructors of Theatre
Through a cross-Scandinavian collaboration, we have been able to create a programme for theatre actors and directors. Here, people on the stage can use Gestalt methodology and their personalities in being better in the present moment and to hace presense and in touch on stage.

Download detailled Training Description Nov 2017 -18