Gestalt Practitioner

A good further education you can use
Are you passionate about working with other people and to help make a difference? The 2-year programme gives you insight into Gestalt methodology, while you work with your own personal development. It gives you solid personal and professional skills that you can use both privately and in your job.

In teams with the 4-year programmes
Gestalt Practitioner corresponds to the first two years of the 4-year programme to become a Psychotherapist or Consultant and Coach. You are all in connection to the same team as those who will have the long education. Therefore you get the same high level and the same requirements for your active participation. Even though there is no certification for a Gestalt Practitioner, the programme you are on is certified!
In the curriculum (link below text) you can see what you will be working with for the two years.

Requirements in order for you to be admitted
We expect that you already have some therapeutic practice. Many pedagogues, therapists, and other professionals have this. Otherwise, you can attend one of our 120-hour basic courses. Contact us and together we can assesswhether your experience is sufficient to get directly into the programme.