About Gestalt

John Ewans Porting

I have worked with Gestalt throughout my adult life. And to me Gestalt is an approach to life itself. Fundamentally, Gestalt has existentialist philosophy and in its understanding and approach there are the intensive humanities. “We are here because we are together. I am because you see me.” It’s about opening the field between us, it’s the life force.

Every year we finish with a new group of candidates from our 4-year programmes. Every single student has made an indelible impression, because we have shared personal development through four years of study. It is of course in Gestalt methodology that we work with the contact. Being inside the vibrating field between a small group of students is very inspiring. Everyone is on a highly stimulating journey within themselves and their interaction and togetherness with us others.

By Gestalt methodology insisting that we ourselves as therapists must participate, makes a big difference. We are not just therapists and the client is not just a client. We are people together, and we must do our utmost to be so. Do not hide behind roles.

“Gestalt is primarily a practice, but it is a practice that is based on solid theory.”

But there is no quick-fix with the approach. To create relationships between people takes time. It is not me who can open your inner door to development and change. But you can use me along the way on your journey, inviting me to come along. Then I’ll be there, and in that way your journey will also be my journey.

Gestalt is about discovering each other – a gift to you who believe in life and want the best for us. Gestalt is primarily a practice, but it is a practice that is based on solid theory.

In the bibliography I have listed some of my own favourite books. Also some of those that once made a strong impression. I do not know whether they will have the same meaning for you. Because when you go exploring in Gestalt, you usually find yourself. And yourself is not myself, but I would like to meet it.

John Ewan Porting
Head of GIS International