My Favourite Books

By John Ewan Porting
Founder of GIS International

I immediately admit that it looked like an impossible task that the webmaster gave me. “Find your most important books about Gestalt”. Can you identify some over others? There are a lot of really good books, which all have their own qualities. And they are all in the GIS bibliography.

However, if I have to start somewhere, then there is one book that stands out: Jorge Rosner’s “Peeling the Onion”. Maybe I am coloured by the fact that I worked with Jorge on a number of fantastic seminars in the United States back in the 1970s. But even so – he says it so well and tremendously simply. So start your journey into Gestalt by peeling the onion!

If you want to see more titles, please look at the bibliography for the 4-year programmes – here you will find a treasure trove of literature. And you can actually also read a relatively short and really good introduction to Gestalt on Wikipedia.


Pealing the Onion
By Jorge Rosner.
It’s impossible to avoid. So simple and yet so full of content. I have met Jorge Rosner on many occasions, and taught with him in the United States. A great personality and perhaps the best to write about Gestalt. If you only read one book, this is the one. It’s in a class by itself.