GIS is all over Scandinavia

We are, as we are called: An education programme all over Scandinavia. Specifically, we have programmes in Denmark, the Faroe Islands, Sweden, Finland and Estonia. It is the same program that you encounter in all countries – the four-year to be a Clinical Gestalt Psychotherapist or an Organisation Consultant and Coach. And the two-year to become a Gestalt Practitioner or the specific programme for directors and actors.

Across national borders
Collaboration across national borders shapes our programme positively. It simply provides many new angles and nuances of thinking. An example is a talented GIS teacher who trained as a Psychiatrist in Estonia and then as a Gestalt Psychotherapist. And another GIS teacher comes from England. She is a PhD with women in management as the focus and she is also a Gestalt Psychotherapist. So our programmes allow you to get a larger network than you otherwise have the opportunity of on a Danish programme.

The Nordic programme and the Finnish-Estonian
The four year programmes are offered both as the Nordic programme, which is based at Orø in Denmark, while the Finnish-Estonian is based in Altmoisa and Vihula in the respective countries. The content of the programmes are identical, so it is only the geography that is different. The two-year theatre programme is offered as the Nordic, based in Denmark, and we expect to open a Finnish-Estonian theatre programme in autumn 2015.

About language
We are a Scaninavian Institute. When we work all together on the 2 og 4-year education, it’s in english. But our studygroups are national and often use the local language – danish, swedish, finnish or estonian.
Our seminars often use the local language – a seminar i Denmark will mostly be in danish, a seminar i Sweden will mostly be in finnish and so on.

Just give us a call + 45 59 47 00 17
GIS head office and course centre is located in Denmark. All the planning and administration are also done here. It is also here that our communication on the Internet and printing originate. If you want to talk about practicalities with GIS, you must contact the GIS office.