Our Certifications

We are proud that we are among the best certified psychotherapist institutes in Europe. The certification is the key to quality, professional thoroughness and ethical integrity, and it places very specific requirements.


The three important certifications
GIS International is certified according to the Danish PF norm and European standards EAGT and EAP.
PF is the Danish Psychotherapy Association, which uses the company Reflector to evaluate and certify the Danish psychotherapist programme according to the Danish inter-ministerial indicative quality criteria. See more on Reflector’s website.
EAGT is the European Association for Gestalt Therapy, which since 1985 has represented Gestalt therapy in Europe. EAGT sets out a comprehensive set of criteria in order for an institution to be certified as an educational institution for Gestalt therapists. The requirements here are above the Danish requirements and they can be read in their entirety on EAGT’s website.
EAP is the parent organisation of all psychotherapeutic branches of study, where EAGT represents Gestalt methodology. See more on EAP’s website.

Hours are important
In the three certifications the number of hours of tuition and supervision are one of the important criteria. The PF norm requires a minimum of 800 hours of tuition. EAGT and EAP require a minimum of 1600 hours of tuition. GIS International’s 4-year programme includes 2025 hours of tuition. The basic course includes an additional 160 hours of tuition.

Requirements for quality
Tuition time is not sufficient. The quality of the tuition is crucial. Extensive and detailed requirements are set here for all parts of the programme’s minimum content. These apply to, among other things, the actual programme and supervision throughout the course.

GIS has prepared a description of the entire education programme, which also explains the certifications.

Download detailled Training Description Nov 2017 -18