Couple Seminar 27 March to 1 April 2018

2_6ngZKktGeTWzaWfmkvg8q3Yfj83IFJEiPvBfG6onI,RJVLoyuguqzFhHOsBfLHqrrPNqKRo84guHc1n8oXlooCouple Seminar at Hegnegaarden on the Orø Island, Denmark.
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When and where

From Tuesday 27th March to Sunday 1st April 2017 at Hegnegaarden, Orø in Denmark. Start first day 15.00. End last day 14.00.

The leaders of the seminar:
John Ewans Porting and Jette Maja Porting, and supervised senior practitioners from last part of the GIS-International Training Program.

Prices and sign up
Company Price: 19.200 DKK pr couple + accommodations 7.200, total 26.400 DKK pr couple.
Private price: 11.200 DKK pr couple + accommodations 7.200, total 18.400 DKK pr couple.
For Estonian couples 30 % off.
And student Price for GIS International students.