Reduce stress in the organisation

Stress reduction for organisations

In cooperation with PMI we offer measures at three levels for companies:

  • Help to those suffering from stress, personal therapy, development and guidance.
  • Stress prevention courses for small groups of employees or managers.
  • Stress prevention management – courses for managers.

Help for those suffering from stress

Following the same treatment model that we offer private customers. Companies can decide on the treatment of the employees suffering from stress.
See the offer for private customers.

Stress prevention courses
Everyone can strengthen the sides of their personality that form the personal protection against stress. It is partly about being able to set limits, to distinguish your own needs from others and to be in the moment. It changes from person to person what needs to be worked on. At the same time specific local conditions can be incorporated and processed. Courses are organised according to local needs.

Stress prevention management
Management is directly linked to the organisation’s level of stress. And management plays the leading role in measures to reduce negative stress in favour of positive high activity and productivity. Negative stress works against development and change, while low stress is a prerequisite for positive high tempo and innovation. Mangers are trained in our course to understand and accommodate the negative stress in the organisation and among themselves. It paves the way for management practices that reduce and prevent stress and allows for a smoother development of the company.
We organise courses according to local needs.