Masterclass with Iver Hecht

From Attachment Disorders to Living Skills.
An Intensive Masterclass for Psychotherapists
with Iver Hecht
From Tuesday April 17, 1600 to Sunday April 22, 1100.
At the Vihula Manor in Estonia

ivar hecht

How does early attachment difficulties

affect your living skills today?



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The Vihula master class for post graduates will be hold by Iver Hecht, a Danish psychologist, psychotherapist, chock-trauma therapist, supervisor, trainer and author. Iver Hecht is the headmaster of Vibygaard, a family treatment centre in Denmark.

At Vibygaard the professional team work with families having attachment disorders. They work with Holding Therapy, which aims at healing existential psychological and relational wounds by physical, emotional contact between parents and child. They help getting parents becoming aware of and understand own wounds, and facilitate the healing process in themselves and in their children.

Iver Hecht and his team have shown amazing results.

Iver is an expert on attachment issues, both in theory and practice. You will in this seminar deepen your awareness of yourself, get knowledge and practice of how to work with attachment in adults, children and families in healing broken contact in the early attachment phases.

Iver Hecht says:

” Many families are calling for help. And too often they are met by insufficient case management, half-hearted depositions and too long investigations on parent competencies.

Intensive co-work is the way forward.

We will have to change our view on humanity and focus on what we human beings are deeply dependent on, our close relations. Relations that widely are created in the early attachment between parents and children.

Children are extremely loyal towards their biological parents and vice versa.

Very strong ties are existing, both conditional biological and psychological.

This reciprocity means that father and mother act on what they believe is the best for the child. Some parents do not have the psychological and economical resources, because having been growing up in vulnerable families themselves and having been betrayed by parents and society. But still these parents want to do what is best for their children.

When I worked in the psychiatric system, we noticed how parents were reduced to annoying relatives.

In the social area, parents are too easily perceived as opponents to the child! But mostly the parents wish all the best for their children – and they are driven by the love, that is the most important raw material in the relation between human beings.

Instead of perceiving the parents as opponents to the children, we have to recognize and cooperate with them and give them all the support they need.”

Seminar Fees                                       

Nordic participant  5.400 DKK, 725 EUR                                   

Estonian participant 3620 DKK, 485 EUO

 Accommodation fee                                                                                                        

The price for you includes living cost, food and coffee, and last evening party.Tuesday to Sunday. If you want to make use of the special treatments in the Spa you can make reservations on the net. These – of course – are on your own private expenses.

Nordic participant, Single room 5.810 DKK, 780 EUR, Double room 4.400 DKK, 590 EUR

Estonian participant, Single room 5.810 DKK, 780 EUR, Double room 3.520 DKK, 470 EUR

Be aware that the prices are reduced and total package prices.

Transport by bus from Tallinn to Vihula and return. The cost for the bus to and from Vihula is 200 DKK for Nordic and 150 DKK for Estonian participants.

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Registration deadline: 15th of March

There are only 16 places sold on a first-come-first served basis.


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