The Vihula week, it’s about attachment 17th to – 22nd of April

Every year i April GIS International calls for the Vihula Seminars. A week full of seminars and networking for Gestaltists from all over Scandinavia and the Baltics.
This year the Vihula Seminars focus on Attachment. The Masterclass has invited Iver Hecht, a Danish psychologist, psychotherapist, chock-trauma therapist, supervisor, trainer and author. And the seminar about Personal Development also focuses Attachment issues.
We are so happy to be able to focus the Vihula seminars this way – the Gestalt way of understanding and adressing early Attachment issues.
And as usual The Vihula Week is a week of Networking! This is where Gestaltists from all over Europe meet.

Go to the Master Class program, with Iver Hecht
ivar hecht

Go to Personal Development Week

Go to the complete Vihula Week invitation with practical info

The Vihula Week is a great opportunity to meet and talk to Gestaltists. Expanding your own network. Members of The GIS Post Graduate Network will join the seminar. Read about the Post Graduate Network
Students Study Week
All GIS-students partcipating in the 4-year education for Gestalt Psychotherapist or Consultaht and Coch join the Study Week. This is a great opportunity for them to meet the Post Graduates and the other seminar participators.