Apply for admission to GIS here.

Next study start is in september 2020. Application deadline is June 1st 2020.

Step 1: You apply by filling out the GIS application form on this page. Or you will get it by phoning our GIS office.

Step 2: Once we receive your application you will have a dialogue by phone with the GIS office to clarify who of the study counsellors from the Training Board you are to meet for interview and test feedback.

Step 3: The GIS office sends you an invoice on test, interview and test feedback and a deposit. In case of you not being accepted to the training program your deposit will be returned.

Step 4: We send you a personality test. You fill in the test (1 Hour) and return it to the GIS office.

Step 5: The independent test psychologist corrects and returns the test.

Step 6: You meet the senior GIS leader and counsellor in person or on Skype for an interview and a test feed-back. In this interview, you and the GIS representative will discuss the premises, possibilities and specific requirements and dispensations for entering the training program.

Step 7: The GIS Training Board and administration confirms you as a student.

Step 8: As a private student you make a motivated application for the possible GIS grant and reduction of the training fee.

Step 9: You receive a contract and you choose whether to pay upfront or in three instalments.

Step 10: The GIS office sends you the bill on the remaining training fee for the year.

Important: See admission requirements here.

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Apply for admission to GIS here.

The first step is to fill out this form