The Gestalt Institute of Scandinavia

GIS is an international institute for training in Gestalt methodology

As an institute for training in Gestalt methodology we work in the areas of therapy, personal growth, creativity in art and development of leadership and organisations. The institute was founded in 1976. At the moment, there are 80 students from the Nordic countries including Faroe Islands and Estonia involved in the 4-year training programs.

We arrange long-term Gestalt training programs and offer:

  • Clinical Psychotherapist – 4-year Gestalt Training Program.

  • Organizational Consultant and Coach – 4-year Gestalt Training Program.

  • Gestalt Practitioner – first 2 years of the Gestalt Training Program.

  • 2-year Gestalt Training Program in Creative Expressiveness and Personal Leadership for Actors and Instructors of Theatre

  • Post Graduate – Training and Supervision.

  • Gestalt Pre-Training – a Program of 120 Hours of 60 Minutes.

  • Supervision and Training programs for professionals.

  • Personal Authentic Leadership – training. See

  • Long and Short-Term Gestalt Programs – Personal Development, Couple Therapy and seminars.

The highest standards of accreditations in Europe.

GIS is certified by The European Association of Gestalt Therapy, The European Association of Psychotherapy and the Danish Association for Psychotherapy.

We are proud that we are among the best certified psychotherapist institutes in Europe. The certification is the key to quality, professional thoroughness and ethical integrity, and it places very specific requirements.

EAGT, EAP and PF – three important certifications

GIS is certified according to the Danish PF norm and European standards EAGT and EAP. PF is the Danish Psychotherapy Association, which uses the company Reflector to evaluate and certify the Danish psychotherapist program according to the Danish inter-ministerial indicative quality criteria. EAGT is the European Association for Gestalt Therapy, which since 1985 has represented Gestalt therapy in Europe. EAGT sets out a comprehensive set of criteria in order for an institution to be certified as an educational institution for Gestalt therapists. The requirements here are above the Danish requirements and they can be read in their entirety on EAGT’s website. EAP is the parent organisation of all psychotherapeutic branches of study, where EAGT represents Gestalt methodology.

EAGT certificate

GIS EAGT certificate

GIS EAGT certificate. The European Association of Gestalt Therapy (EAGT) is an organization with the aim of gathering
European Gestalt therapists, Training Institutes and National Associations and fostering highest professional standards of Gestalt therapy. GIS-International was accredited in 2008 and re-accredited in 2013, 2020 and 2024.

EAP certificate

GIS EAP certificate. The European Association of Psychotherapy (EAP) is the umbrella organization that oversees the
implementation of the highest standards in all the different modalities of psychotherapy in Europe. GIS-International was accredited in 2008 and re-accredited in 2015 and 2022.

PF certificate

In Denmark GIS-International has also been evaluated and has received accreditation in 2008 and re-accreditation in 2013, 2018 and in 2024 according to the Quality-Evaluation standards organized by the Danish Association for Psychotherapy (PF) in cooperation with the evaluation company Crossfields Europa following the guidelines outlined by the Ministry of Social Affairs, the Ministry of Educational Affairs and the Ministry of Home Affairs.

GIS also offers certification

In connection to the accreditation from EAGT, EAP and PF, GIS is now able to offer certification within the EAGT, the EAP frame and the PF frame when you fulfill the GIS-International requirements.

GIS is a member of EAP, EAGT and PF

GIS is a member of EAP, European Association of Psychotherapy, and of EAGT, the European Association of Gestalt Therapy. These associations represent the highest standards in psychotherapy training and in the practice of psychotherapy. GIS is also a member of the Danish association PF, Dansk Psykoterapeut Forening. The associations EAP, EAGT and PF have codes of ethics that has been agreed upon by GIS. GIS is a legalized company and has the Head Office placed in Denmark. John Ewans Porting is Managing Director and leads the Senior Education Board: Sue Congram, GB – Barbro Huldén, SF – Katrin Rosental, EE – Jette Maja Porting, DK.

National Gestalt association

The GIS faculty are also members of their national Gestalt association. They are involved with the on-going development of psychotherapy and psychotherapeutic professionalism in several bodies: Dansk Psykoterapeut Forening (DK) – regular meetings and seminars, EAGT and EAP – international conferences, workshops and seminars as participants and/or lecturers, international conferences and seminars organized by AAGT, i.e. the Association for the Advancement of Gestalt Therapy.

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GIS Exam Week (3-4-5 year)

June 3 - 6:00 pm # June 9 - 2:00 pm

GIS Exam Week (1-2 year)

June 7 - 6:00 pm # June 13 - 2:00 pm

Authenticity and Passion in Life – a week at Orø

July 16 - 6:00 pm # July 21 - 2:00 pm

Personal Development – a weekend at Orø

August 23 - 5:00 pm # August 25 - 2:00 pm