Directors and actors – targeted for people of the theatre

The education is a 2-year Gestalt Training Program in Creative Expressiveness and Personal Leadership for Actors and Instructors of Theatre. Here we work to use Gestalt methodology to develop the artistic expression. Your presence here and now, and your being there and your contact in your appearance on the stage are the core concepts. This is done through individual work and in groups. The program is an exciting collaboration for people of the theatre across Scandinavia.

Management with theatre knowledge

The program is headed by John Ewans Porting. John is the head of GIS-International. The program is developed in a previous collaboration with further education at the Finnish Theatre Academy in Helsinki, Finland and supported by the Nordic Council.

Meet yourself on your own stage

The theatre program is a very active and vibrant forum, because all participants can bring their own personal life experience. It creates a special intensive atmosphere in the study group. And the cross-Scandinavian composition allows participants to expand their professional networks.

It was Laura and Frederick Perls, who, from the 1940s onwards, developed what was to become Gestalt methodology.

Directors and Actors – Requirements

We have gathered all admission requirements for Directos and Actors, Clinical Gestalt Psychotherapist, Organizational Consultant and Coach on one page from which you can also apply online for admission. Go to Terms of Admission

Directors and Actors – Dates and Price

Applications for the Training Programs are being accepted now. Application deadline for study start September 2024 is July 17th.

See prices for training and accommodation here.

1. year

Description Date
Seminar 1: Establishing the group. September
Seminar 2: Body work in Gestalt. November
Seminar 3: The roots of Gestalt. February
Seminar 4: Confluence and dependency. April
Seminar 5: Examination and evaluation. June

2. year

Description Date
Seminar 6: Psychodrama and creativity in Gestalt, continued. September
Seminar 7: Bodywork in Gestalt. Gestalt and Bioenergetics. Awareness as a key issue. November
Seminar 8: Gestalt methods and techniques. February
Seminar 9: Gender issues: Sexuality and sensuality related to own personality April
Seminar 10: Examination, evaluation and Gestalt work with the roots. Transition to the 3rd and 4th year. June
Voluntary Work. Client Supervision through last part of the training year.

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