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We wish to invite GIS graduates to meet each other and use this occasion both as a reunion and a network opportunity for all graduated students, practitioners, and teachers in GIS. Our wish is to facilitate a creative seminar focusing on Gestalt and Network, a seminar where our unity in Gestalt is re-created and strengthened, and where we get together in various groups of interest for further networking.

A lot has happened since the first group started as the “Old GIS” in 1976 – but one thing is unchanged: Gestalt is still the focus and platform for all our activities: Gestalt in the Psychotherapeutic Field, Gestalt in Organizations and in Leadership, Gestalt in Teaching and Learning and Gestalt in Art and Artistic Professions.

Jarkko from Finland has urged and inspired us to use the traditional Vihula seminar week to invite GIS graduates to a re-union, going for contact and creative inspiration.

We have invited Sue Congram from England as a facilitator for the week. Sue is a profound Gestalt Consultant, teacher, and therapist. Sue´s experience will be a gift for this group of other experienced Gestalt practitioners. Several of you may have an idea of something to offer and present. Jarkko has for example already offered to give a mini lecture about his late inspiring visit to NY.

Please contribute with your ideas on specific networking topics and possibilities.

We aim to use this seminar for possible Networking initiatives. Our wish is to support the strong Gestalt community, that includes all graduation years, gestalt groups and faculty generations. Just imagine all the creativity arising from a larger and more active community.
We are looking forward to letting you know what has happened with GIS over the past 47 years, and we are also very much looking forward to hearing, how your journey has been since your first meeting with Gestalt.

Seminar Dates

Tuesday, April 11th, 18:00 to Sunday, April 16th, 14:00, 2023 at Vihula, Estonia.

Seminar Fee

Nordic private GIS-sponsored fee (-40%): 6.260 DKK/840 Euro
Baltic private GIS-sponsored fee (-50%): 5.220 DKK/700 Euro

Airport Transfer

Cost for transfer bus to and from Vihula is Nordic 300 DKK, 40 EUR Estonian 225 DKK, 30 EUR.

Double room: DKK Euro
Nordic: 6.700 900
Baltic: 5.950 800
Single room: 8.250 1110


Sue Congram.


Please visit our webpage for more information about our institute. You can also call us on +45 59 47 00 17 or mail us on gis@gis-international.com.

Deadline for signing up is March 15th 2023.