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Again this year, we will all meet in Vihula, Estonia, for an exciting and intensive week of learning and growing.

Vihula Manor Country Club is located in northern Estonia, on the coast of the Baltic Sea, just 90 km from the capital city Tallinn, an hour of scenic drive through picturesque countryside and ancient forests. The lovely manor complex is idyllically situated in the North-Eastern corner of the beautiful Lahemaa National Park, with sandy beaches, enormous erratic boulders, mossy pine forests, majestic wetlands, and the ancient fishermen villages of Altja and Käsmu. One of the main Lahemaa attractions is undoubtedly the manors – the baroque Sagadi Manor, Estonia’s most well-known Palmsee Manor and picturesque Vihula Manor.

From Vihula Manor all major attractions are within easy reach: 3 km to a secluded sandy beach at the Baltic sea, 5 km to the historical Altja fishing village, offering a glimpse into the life of coastal people in the past and today, 6 km to Sagadi Manor, 14 km to Palmsee Manor, 20 km to “Captains Village” of Käsmu  with a unique maritime museum, 25 km to the regional capital Rakvere. Please find more information at www.vihulamanor.com.

The Faculty for the Week

Barbro Huldén, SF – Jette Maja Porting, DK – Katrin Rosental, EE – Malle Päeva, EE – Liisa Halonen, SF – John Ewans Porting, DK.

Following groups are scheduled

  • People interested in Gestalt and Personal Development + Pre-training Students: Authenticity and Passion in Life. April 19th, 16.00 to April 24th, 11.00.
  • 1-2-3-4-5 year students within the Training Program. April 19th, 16.00 to April 24th, 11.00.

The students will work in different smaller and bigger group settings:

Morning lectures in Palm House:

Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday mornings

The home group setting:

Students 1st year, 3rd year, 4th year, 5th year, and pre-training, 1 of the senior trainers lead each level.

The small group setting:

All students mix into 6-7 small groups.
Every group has 2 leaders – from the 4th to 5th year.
The senior leaders will be the overall supervisors during the intensive sessions supervising the small groups.

The total group setting:

Every morning starts with an overall lecture, awareness process and reflection. The senior faculty presents lectures about present and theoretical issues in their groups.The last evening, we all are having the Grand Party.

These settings and the possibilities at Vihula will give you intensive opportunities:

To do personal work, to discuss theory, to integrate, to get supervision, to give supervision, to build network, to get inspiration for your professional and personal life, to have fun and to get challenge and nourishment.

The beautiful surroundings will give you optimal opportunities for outside exercise. And Vihula´s sauna center with three alternative saunas is available. Many other ways and opportunities for taking care of yourself are open for you to reserve.

See the Vihula homepage for possibilities and spa-reservations.

Seminar Fees

Seminar Fees Nordic Estonian
DKK Euro DKK Euro
The Pre-Training seminar:
“Authenticity and Passion in Life”. Private fee:
 5.800 780 4.800 650
Seminar fee for students attending the 4-year training program: Included in the annual training fee

For the participants in the Pre-Training Seminar, we offer a special discount of 20% on the seminar fee in signing-up before March 25th, 2022.

Accommodation fee
The accommodation per participant includes living cost, food, and last evening party.
Airport transfer is not included (see below!)
If you want to make use of the special treatments in the Spa you can make reservations on the net. These – of course – are on your own private expenses.

Tuesday to Sunday, per person: Single room Double room
DKK Euro DKK Euro
Nordic participant 8.250 1.110 6.700 900
Estonian participant 8.250 1.110 5.950 800

Main reasons for the risen price:
Prices are included VAT. (At Hegnegården, DK the stay is not a subject to VAT.)
Prices overall have gone up very much.
We are fewer participants sharing the total cost for all facilities.

Be aware that the price is a special negotiated and all-included package price.
So, no reduction is given in the accommodation price if not staying the whole week.

Airport transfer
Bus from Tallinn to Vihula and return and sign up at the GIS office by mail.

  • Nordic 300 DKK, 40 EUR
  • Estonian 200 DKK, 30 EUR

Departure Tallinn airport: Tuesday April 19th, 2022; the bus to Vihula leaves at 14:00 – the bus makes a stopover at the harbour in Tallinn and then directly to Vihula.

Departure Vihula: Sunday April 24th, 2022; the bus to Tallinn airport and harbour leaves Vihula at 10:45 local time.

If you are arriving later or leaving earlier, please arrange your own transportation e.g. by taxi.


For all students, the deadline for signing up is March 15th, 2022 to the GIS office. Please remember to let us know if you stay in single or double room, and if you will sign up for the bus, and also let us know your pick-up place for the bus – harbour or airport.

For participants in the Pre-training, the deadline for signing up is April 8th, 2022 to the GIS office.