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A seminar at Orø, in Denmark, from Tuesday 21st to Sunday 26th of November 2023. Deadline for signing up is November 7th, 2023.

Living with Purpose

A Gestalt-Based Course in Personal Growth and Development

Are you interested in getting to know yourself better and to discover your forgotten authentic parts in relation with others?

This course will provide you with a week of in-depth exploration and growth of your living skills using Gestalt methodology. You will discover ways of being in contact with other people and improve your self-awareness. Through the group process you will enhance your personal growth, authenticity, and self-expression. We will be working with relational skills, communication, and your capacity to experience your emotions. We see this as a process of awareness that makes you conscious of your self-worth and at the same time this process gives you a deep frame of understanding your life and your relationships.

What is Gestalt Methodology?

Gestalt therapy is a form of psychotherapy that focuses on the present moment and the whole person. Gestalt therapy is life-confirming, existential, relational, and emotional in nature. It emphasizes the importance of self-awareness, the integration between the authentic you and your environment. Gestalt therapy is holistic and experimental in its approach to therapy. Gestalt therapy provides positive changes in areas such as self-awareness, self-confidence, developing interpersonal skills, and reduces anxiety and stress.

How we work

During the week we will be doing therapeutic work in group setting and individually. In both cases therapists work together with participants to facilitate and support the process of you discovering your inner truths. The course consists of therapeutic work where mindfulness, sharing and experiments help develop new awareness. In the therapeutic work we focus on regulating the nervous system by connecting with your breathing and bodily sensations. The course also qualifies as a Pre-training for possible entering the GIS-International training Program in becoming a Gestalt Psychotherapist.

Course dates

Tuesday 21st of November 18:00 to Sunday 26th of November 13:00.

Course Fee*

For Companies: 16.300 DKK + VAT (2.200 EUR)
For Private: 11.300 DKK (1.520 EUR)
*The Fees include course, accommodation, and all meals.
Deadline for signing up is November 7th , 2023.


The leaders are a senior leader from the GIS-International faculty and students on the last year of the GIS-Training as assistant leaders.


Please visit our webpage for more information about our institute. You can also call us on +45 59 47 00 17 or mail us on gis@gis-international.com.