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Are you curious about your personally development? Curious about your own pattern and how you interact with other people? Might there be opportunities in your life that you passed by because of holding back?

We can offer a peek in what life can bring! GIS-international invite you to an introduction weekend in Gestalt Therapy, where you can get an insight in:

  • Your personal patterns and unused potential
  • How you create and avoid reel presence
  • How you influence others and how you are influenced by others
  • Possible new ways in your life

In other words, you can get a taste of what Gestalt Therapy is and weather it works for you.

Price: Dkkr. 2.800,- (380 EUR) incl. accommodation

Time and Place

Start: Friday Jun. 19th 2020 at 5 pm
End: Sunday Jun. 21th 2020 at 2 pm

Place: Hegnegården Udviklingscenter
Næsbyvej 28, Orø, 4300 Holbæk.


Registration by e-mail to gis@gis-international.com
If questions, please call Kia Karrebæk +45 23396195


A senior leader from GIS and students from the last part of the education from GIS-International.


GIS-International is an international accredited institute. We educate Gestalt Psychotherapists and Organizational consultants. In addition, we offer course in personal development and leadership.

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