Confrontation and support

Gestalt methodology works with a healthy mix of confrontation and support. Always carefully tailored to the individual. It was Laura and Frederick Perls, who, from the 1940s onwards, developed what was to become Gestalt methodology. Their inspiration was wide and they used the best they had encountered in psychoanalysis, psycho-drama, Gestalt psychology, existentialism, phenomenology and Eastern philosophy.

The modern Gestalt

The modern Gestalt has developed into a coherent and strong practice-based and existential approach, which also contains elements of systemic thinking and narrative practice. It is very naturally connected with Perls’ thinking.
From the late 1970s, the methodology has been used in many different ways; as personal development for people in tuition, in treatment and therapy, as well as in organisational development.

Now and present

Being able to be in the moment is central to Gestalt methodology. The concept of awareness is bearing and comprises a part that is known as mindfulness. But awareness goes a step further. The ability to feel inner silence and attention do not stand alone, but the ability to feel oneself is also extended to be effective in the dialogic field between people. It is crucial for Gestalt methodology not see people as an isolated island, but always in an often complex interaction with others.

Not only for a small target group

Therapy and personal development are not only for a small group with special needs. On the contrary, Gestalt methodology is very useful for getting to the hidden resources of the individual, and to improve the connection between their own responsibility and their own actions. Gestalt methodology provides insight into how their own behaviour is perceived by others. The relationship becomes clear.

Both privately and the organisation

Because Gestalt methodology focuses on the interaction between people and the individuals involved, it is suitable both for private therapy and individual support and to work in larger organisms: The company’s organisation.
A special line has been established for people of the theatre from the Nordic countries, because Gestalt methodology has proved very fruitful in terms of opening and freeing creativity.

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