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A seminar at Orø, in Denmark, from Tuesday 16th to Sunday 21th of July 2024. Deadline for signing up is June 16th, 2024.

How do you meet challenges in life?

This course will give you an intensive week of learning and growing your living skills. You will get a new insight working with Gestalt methodology, which is life-confirming, existential, relational, and emotional.

We use Gestalt techniques, which support you in realizing new sides of your personality. You will discover how other people experience you, and with growing awareness you will choose ways to be more alive in your life. You will be able to be more present in the Now. You will through growing awareness discover your inner patterns and find ways to challenge them.

You will get awareness and keys to change and will realize, how you yourself can create change and development. The course is an eyeopener both emotionally and intellectually.

The group experience is a process of awareness that makes you conscious of your self-worth, your personal platform, and your spontaneous life passion – and at the same time this process gives you a deep frame of understanding your life and your relations.

Both theory and praxis

Gestalt Methodology has its roots in solid theory and praxis. Practicing Gestalt Methodology is a way to understand and integrate theory. First by experiencing and feeling, then by expressing with growing awareness. You will experience how relation in the Now can grow in contact with other people.
You will be doing group-work in big and in smaller groups. You will experience doing personal work. This will give you the opportunity to deeply integrate with awareness.

The Certified Training Programs

The course includes both practical therapeutic work, reflection, and learnings. It counts as qualification to the European Certified GIS-International Training program to becoming a Gestalt Psychotherapist or Practitioner.

Seminar Dates

Tuesday, July 16th, 18:00 to Sunday, July 21th, 14:00, 2024 at Orø in Denmark.

Seminar Fee for the Training Seminar

Company: 11.600 DKK (1.560 EUR) +VAT
Private: 6.600 DKK (890 Euro)
Applying & accepted GIS students: 30% off
Accommodation: 4.700 DKK (630 EUR).

Deadline for signing up is June 16th 2024.


The leaders are Jette Maja and John Ewans Porting from the GIS-International faculty. Students on the last year of the GIS-Training are assisting leaders under supervision.


Please visit our webpage for more information about our institute. You can also call us on +45 59 47 00 17 or mail us on gis@gis-international.com.